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About Errors and Support

What is not supported by this item?

  1. Installation JDK, XCODE, AndroidSDK/AndroidStudio, NodeJS, Ionic-CLI and Cordova
  2. Editing Logo and Splashscreen, please use Adobe Photoshop or Gimp
  3. Build apps with Ionic-CLI, but maybe we help you if you get problem
  4. Submit Apps to Google Play or App Store, you must submit their self and follow their rules for get approved (your application is accepted/rejected it is not our responsibility)
  5. Custom Code TS, HTML and SCSS (Features is available, but we not teach you about learning TS, HTML and SCSS, please learn it self)
  6. Installation WebServer or Configuration Your WebServer, upload scripts to your server or install and add plugin to your Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Other
  7. Funny questions, such as how to change the background,how to send apk to my smartphone
  8. You send message using social media, whatsapp, or not using email support, no support using social media (fast response only via email: or
  9. Support has been expired, over 6 months for regular license and 1 year for extended license
  10. Sending large files on email, we will not read them
  11. SPAM or Sending email repeatedly, We will reply to your message no later than 6 hours and on average we reply within 15 minutes

About Errors

  1. Our support is limited to problems with AppBuildeRz or Code generated
  2. We will fix the code if the error is caused by an error in AppBuilder coding and the code generated by AppBuilder, a maximum of 2x24 hours
  3. Errors originating from ionicFramework official are not our responsibility, but we monitor their progress and if they can be fixed on the code side, we will fix them.
  4. Errors from Cordova or Capasitor both during compilation and app crashes are beyond our support, please discuss on each platform
  5. Error when installing ionic, cordova, androidstudio, androidsdk, xcode or nodejs beyond our support
  6. Errors caused by the ability of your server are beyond our support

We hope everyone understands, this is done so that we can focus on the appbuilder and in accordance with our responsibilities

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For any question about products, please contact email support is: and



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