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Apps Properties

a) Project

Name Info Status
App Name : Specifies the app's formal name, as it appears on the device's home screen and within app-store interfaces, using a-z, A-Z and space characters only required
App Version : Specifies the app's version required
App Description : Specifies metadata that may appear within app-store listings, using a-z, A-Z and space characters only required
Text Direction : Use RTL for languages written from right to left (like Hebrew or Arabic), and ltr for those written from left to right (like English and most other languages) required
Icon : Additional icons are needed to enhance your project required
Color : Similar with icon, choose the dominant color for your application required

b) Author

Then information about the author of the application

Name Info Status
Author : Name of the author, using a-z, A-Z, dot, comma, and space characters only required
Organization : Name of company/organization, using a-z, A-Z, dot, comma, and space characters only required
Email : Email of the author required
Website : Website of the author required

c) Configuration

Global configuration file that controls many aspects of a cordova application behavior, this does not need to be set, you can set it if needed only.

Name Info Status
Splash Screen Delay : Amount of time in milliseconds to wait before automatically hide splash screen optional
Fade Splash Screen Duration : Specifies the number of milliseconds for the splash screen fade effect to execute optional
Orientation : Allows you to lock orientation and prevent the interface from rotating in response to changes in orientation optional
Content : Defines the app's starting page in the top-level web assets directory optional

d) StatusBar

The StatusBar object provides some functions to customize the iOS and Android StatusBar

Name Info Status
Style : Set the status bar style optional
Background Color : Set the background color of the statusbar optional

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