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Skill Required

Before you buy this app builder, make sure you understand the following:

  • Able to installing websites in general, like a WordPress or Other CMS, Upload files to your Server, Create Database, Execution SQL Code
  • Able to use Ionic-CLI or Ionic Command (Build APK, Run Emulator, or other)
  • You should understand a little about API/JSON and CORS
  • Able to use Ftp, PHPMyAdmin, Change Permission files/folders (chmod) or other
  • AppBuilder is only limited to an Ionic Code, problems with the Cordova Plugin/capasitor and Compiler Settings please do it yourself, especially XCODE and Android SDK software.
  • Automatic configuration is only to create an Android Application using Ionic Cordova Only, Ionic Capacitor of course you have to understand android studio and for iOS app and window app, you have to set it manually according to the guidelines from the official website of each vendor
Support and Refund does not cover the above, so make sure the conditions above are met correctly. We only focus on improving the ionic application code

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For any question about products, please contact email support is: and



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