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Back-End Configuration

a) General

Name Info Status
Table Name : You can use your sql table name
Singular Name : Write a nice name using a singular word, example: book, content, category required
Plural Name : Write a nice name using a singular word, example: books, contents, categories

Fontawesome : This icon is used for general site required
Dashicons : This icon is used for WordPress site required
Ionicons : This icon is used for other site option
Description : a brief description of this table option

b) Columns in Tables

Name Info Status
Label : Usually used for label of an input field
Variable/ Name : Usually used for column name in mysql, the value using a-z, A-Z and underscore characters only
or name of an input field, example: categories_id, categories_title, etc
required and auto
Option/ Placeholder/ Table : Placeholder

a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field


This option is also needed for column type: select, radio or boolean, example value: Yes|No or Option 1|Option 2|Option 3

Select Table

This option is required for column type: Select Data From Other Table, Write/select the name of the table used as the data source

Default/ Value : This default value will be used if there is no input given by the user. Option
Info/ Help : Information written under the input field
JSON List : Checked to display value of column in the item list in json
JSON Detail : Checked to display value of column in the item detail in json
Item List : Checked to display value of column on list items in the web administrator
Variable as Value? : The variable used for value, value must be unique or you can use variable ID required
Variable as Label? : The variable used for main label required

c) List Tables

This menu is used to edit, delete tables

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