Table of Contents

Built-In Directives and Additional Directives


  1. appBrowser, Open with App Browser (Built-In Browser)
  2. appWebview, Open with Webview
  3. callApp, Open with dial App
  4. facebookApp, Open with Facebook App
  5. geoApp, Open with GEO App
  6. googlePlayApp, Open with Google Play Store App
  7. appStore, Open with AppStore
  8. lineApp, Open with Line App
  9. mailApp, Open with Email App
  10. smsApp, Open with SMS App
  11. systemBrowser, Open with system browser (External)
  12. twitterApp, Open with Twitter App
  13. whatsappApp, Open with Whatsapp App
  14. contactUs, Contact as via Call, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp

Additional Directives

  1. Barcode Scanner, This directive is to add a barcode scanner menu on the menu and page
  2. Share Via Instagram, Share a photo with the instagram app
  3. Pay With PayPal, This directive is to create a button for pay with paypal
  4. Streaming Media, This directive is to stream audio and video in a fullscreen, native player on iOS and Android
  5. Text To Speech, This directive is to create a spoken version of the text
  6. Play With Youtube App, This directive is to create play YouTube videos in Native YouTube App
  7. Social X-Sharing, Share text, files, images, and links via social networks, sms, and email
  8. Take Screenshot, Captures a screen shot
  9. Document Scanner, This directives processes images of documents, compensating for perspective
  10. appRate, This directive makes it easy to prompt the user to rate your app, either now, later, or never
  11. previewAnyFile,Whatever the file is PDF document, Word document, Excel, office document, archive file, image, text, html or anything else

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