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How to Activate or Update your AppBuilder?

  1. Backup the project by copying the `projects` folder and `outputs` folder to another folder, skip this step if you don't have a project yet.
  2. Then Download imabuilder latest version (20.11.x or latest) from
  3. Extract the obtained Zip file, or overwrite it to update the old AppBuilder
  4. Then Go to http://yourimabuilder/rev19.11.15/setup.php or click Unregister to update your Old AppBuilder

    Clicking on this unregister is important for updating.
  5. Click Test My Server Tab, Is there an error? If there is an error, please fix it first
  6. Then Click Activation Tab, then fill Fullname field, Email field, and Purchase Code field (You can get purchase code on, read this articles)
  7. Then click Get Activation Code Button
  8. If you have got an activation code, click Register Button
  9. Repeat the above steps if the core: error still occurs or or the interface and core versions are not the same.
Backup: The project file is in the folder: `projects` and `outputs`, please copy to another folder.

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