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How to update the Android SDK, API levels, and Target SDK?

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Why should you update it? because there is a recent google announcement requiring you to update Android SDK, API levels, and Target SDK

  1. Connect your internet

  2. Run your Android Studio -» File - Setting -» SDK Manager -» Appearance & Bahavior -» System Setting -» Android SDK -» SDK Platform -» Update SDK Platform

    Please tick Android 12.x (API Level 31), API Level 32, API Level 33, API Level 33 or latest and delete the old version

  3. Then Update SDK Builds-Tools

    Checked SDK Build-Tools 33.0.2 or latest version (according your SDK Build-Tools version)

  4. For Window user, go to Control Panel -» System -» Advanced System Setting -» Tab Advance -» Environment Variables Button, and edit environ for PATH according SDK Build-Tools path. Use a more stable version which is: 33.0.0

  5. Run Node.js command prompt or using terminal/bash

  6. Update your cordova

    npm install -g cordova
  7. Then go to your ionic project folder

    cd your-ionic-project-folder
  8. Install cordova-check-plugins module

    npm install -g cordova-check-plugins --save
  9. Update your cordova plugin

    cordova-check-plugins --update=auto
  10. Then deleted android platform then add it again

    ionic cordova platform remove android
    ionic cordova platform add android@latest


    cordova platform remove android
    cordova platform add android@latest

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