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How to create a new Language?

This feature is only available in version rev20.09.13 or later

This setting is automatic, you only need to add one or two languages to the project in use!

  1. Go to (IMAB) Localization menu
  2. Then click New Localization button
  3. Then complete the Then complete the form provided
  4. Then click Save Changes
  5. Go to (IMAB) Popovers menu
  6. Then add new menu, item type: App : Laguage Option
  7. Connect your internet, then run Node.js command prompt or using terminal/bash
  8. You must install ionic-storage by typing the command:

    ionic cordova plugin add cordova-sqlite-storage@latest --save
    npm install --save @ionic/storage@latest
  9. Then install ngx-translate by typing the command:

    npm install @ngx-translate/core --save
    npm install @ngx-translate/http-loader --save

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