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How to resolve errors when adding Android platform?

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Compiler and publish issues are beyond our support. We only help fellow as programmers, We only help personally not appbuilder support

This article is only for those who have successfully created an apk before and now it suddenly fails, if this is your first time making the apk these instructions are not recommended.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is good, fast internet cannot guarantee a good connection. The error that often occurs is internet connection.

  2. Clear cache by running the command:
    npm cache clean --force
  3. And If you are a windows user, try deleting all files in this folder:

  4. Then run this command:

    npm cache verify
  5. Next try deleting the platform that was added

    ionic cordova platform remove android
  6. Then deleting all files in this folder


    If it can't be removed, please restart your computer.

  7. After that try adding the android platform again

    ionic cordova platform add android@latest
  8. If the problem is not resolved either, please do it again a few hours/days later. most likely a global problem.

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