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How to use Firebase Authentication Addons?

  1. Run the terminal or Node.js Command prompt

  2. To install this library, run:

    npm install firebaseui-angular --save
  3. To run this library you need to have AngularFire2, Firebase, FirebaseUI-Web installed. Fast install:

    npm install firebase --save
    npm install firebaseui --save
    npm install @angular/fire --save
    npm install firebaseui-angular --save
    npm install -g firebase-tools
  4. Add new Firebase projects in Firebase Console, Create a project name: firebase-auth-addons and Package Name: com.imabuilder.v3.ihsanalab.firebaseauthaddons

  5. Then add Firebase to your web app , click Gear IconProject SettingsGeneral

  6. In Your apps section, click Add app Icon Code, Enter your App nickname and click Register App button

  7. Copy the configuration in: Your appsFirebase SDK snippetConfig

    Write the values into the fields provided
  8. Select sign-in method providers click Develop Tab --» Authentication

  9. Then create Could Firestore, click Database --» Could Firestore

  10. Run Node.js Command prompt, then type this command:

    firebase login

    then login to your account

  11. Then initialize a Firebase project

    firebase init

    select: (*) Firestore: Deploy rules and create indexes for Firestore, then select: (*) Use an existing project and your app: firebase-auth-addons and press enter and enter

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