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How to use JSON Scraping Addons with offline data?

In this example, we will create a FAQs page

  1. The first thing we have to create is a page, which we give name FAQs, go to (IMAB) PagesNew Page, Page Title write with: FAQs then click Save Changes button
  2. Then create a menu, and link to the FAQs page, go to (IMAB) MenusNew Item: 1, then click Add Item button
  3. The edit item, Item type: Goto Internal Link, label: FAQs, and Page: faqs, then click Save Changes button
  4. Then create a table data, Goto (IMAB) Backend ToolsBack-End Configuration, Table Name: faqs, Singular Name: faq and Plural Name: faqs
  5. Create column: id, question and answer, and then click Add New Table button.
  6. Edit the table that has been created, and fix the Variable as Value? field and Variable as Label? field, then click Save Changes button
  7. Now it's time to enter the data, go to (IMAB) Backend Tools(IMAB) JSON Editor, then select data then click edit button
  8. Please input the data you want.
  9. Next, We will generate code for the app page using JSON Scraping Addons, go to (IMAB) Add-OnsJSON Scraping Addons
  10. Then We can configure it as follows:

    Overwrite The Page : faqs
    JSON URL for List of Items : assets/data/faqs.json
    JSON URL for Single Item :
    1st Variable for List of Items :
    Template for List of Items : Layout: List
    Layout: Group A-Z
    Template for Single Item : Layout: List (Adapted to needs)
    1st Variable for Single Item : Layout: Card (Adapted to needs)

    and Click Save Changes button

  11. Now please create a variable for the layout to be used, edit the configuration you have created on the right side and get the helper variable by clicking the Get All Variable button, and arrange the layout according to your wishes.
  12. Do not forget to specify the values of Variable as ID? and Search by Variable?, lastly click the Save Changes button

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