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How to use PHP Native Generator?

  1. The first thing to do is create configuration and the tables used for the database
  2. Complete all input fields, such as table names, icons and description.
  3. And also create columns for tables

    You can sort the column order and display it in json or backend by checking JSON List, JSON Detail or Item List

  4. After the table is created, go to the menu PHP Native Generator
  5. Then complete the form provided then click Save Changes! keep in mind, if you install the PHP Code and AppBuilder on a local machine, you can test directly with the project by filling in the Folder For Test field and clicking the Create test files button

  6. In the next panel, We will configure the database. complete the fields provided in accordance with the database that you created earlier.

    If you don't have a database in MySQL then please create a database and user first, you can use phpmyadmin or use other applications

    If your MySQL server is on a local machine, you can test it directly by clicking the SQL Execution button, but if that fails, it's best to manually execute SQL.
  7. The final step is to complete the information needed to log into the backend made.

    User email cannot be changed, but you can change the password after logging in
  8. The code will appear below it automatically, click Download if you want all the files to be zipped or you can write into files one by one

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