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How to use WP Plugin Generator?

  1. The first thing to do is create configuration and the tables used for the database
  2. Complete all input fields, such as table names, icons and description.
  3. And also create columns for tables

    You can sort the column order and display it in json or backend by checking JSON List, JSON Detail or Item List

  4. After the table is created, go to the menu WP Plugin Generator
  5. Then complete the form provided then click Save Changes! keep in mind, if you install WordPress and AppBuilder on a local machine, you can test directly with the project by filling in the Folder For Test field and clicking the Test WP Plugin button

  6. Furthermore, this other field is needed to publish your plugin to Official Wordpress Plugin
  7. Finally click download to get the plugin produced

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For any question about products, please contact email support is: and



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