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How to synchronize an Ionic Emulator and AppBuilder?


Before running imabuilderz, you have to install Ionic-CLI properly. You can create an blank apk, like in this guides

This is actually an ordinary ionic-cli command, but it runs an emulator in the AppBuilder folder and there are several commands to change file/folders permissions (for *nux/osx)

  1. Create an app in AppBuilder, using the (IMAB) Apps Page on the AppBuilder Dashboard
  2. Make an ionic project by following the commands on 1. (IMAB) Start Compiler or (IMAB) Compiler Page
  3. If an error occurs while running the emulator, follow the instructions on 2. (IMAB) Update Plugins and Errors or (IMAB) Update Native Plugins Page
  4. Now, you can run the emulator, by following the command on the right side or under (IMAB) Emulator

Try watching these videos:

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