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How to install the AppBuilder in XAMPP for Mac OS?

  1. Login to your account on Codecanyon. Choose Downloads from a menu
  2. Now, click a Download button in which item you want to download
  3. Let's extract a source to your local computer. You can see and files
  4. Then extract file and copy all files to your htdocs on your XAMPP folder, usually this folder is on: \Applications\XAMPP\xamppfiles\htdocs
  5. Next, change the files/folder permissions to 777. It must be remembered, here must use option -R (eg: chmod -R 777). You should use the terminal, follow the commands as shown below:


    $ sudo su
    $ cd /your/imabuilder/folder
    $ chmod -R 777 *
  6. Now, run your browser and open the website http://localhost/rev19.xx.xx


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