Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q : How to set up JSON scraping for Blogspot?
A :
JSON URL for List of Items :[[BLOG-ID]]/posts?maxResults=500&key=[[YOUR-API-KEY]]
JSON URL for Single Item :[[BLOG-ID]]/posts/{id}?key=YOUR-API-KEY
1st Variable for List of Items : .items
1st Variable for Single Item :
Variables for Layout :
  1. id
  2. title
  3. updated
  4. content
  5. url
Variable as ID? : id
Search by Variable? : title


  1. [[BLOG-ID]] = replace with Your Blog ID
  2. [[YOUR-API-KEY]] = replace with Your API Key (Blogger API v3)

Filter posts by labels[[BLOG-ID]]/posts/search/?q=label:[[LABEL]]&key=AIzaSyCxoeVTMJBM-nrBiyZWGsZdYrP7_ur815A

Q : Contents created by VisualComposer Plugin are not rendered in the RESTful API Response, eg: Response is: [vc_row]Hello World . . .[/vc_row], how to change it to html code?